Saturday, July 17, 2010

Come Get A Plate!

Ask my momma - I've always loved to eat. There are many family photos of me as a chunky, gap-toothed toddler with drumstick in hand. Memories of Momma's perfect baked macaroni and cheese, Aunt Deborah's coveted gumbo, and my Great Grandma's prized bread pudding season my childhood like the Holy Trinity of New Orleans cooking (onions, bell pepper, and celery, that is). I grew up understanding that the words "Come get a plate!" were synonymous with "I love you," and should be said just as often. It goes without saying that, when I need a moment to remember where I come from, I make my way to somebody's momma's kitchen and get served up a heaping helping of southern hospitality.

I just don't eat everybody's potato salad. But I digress...

My history with good food is definitely not an unheard of tale here in The Big Easy. Walk down any residential NOLA block around 5 o'clock, and the delicious aromas will just about knock you out - that is, if somebody's Big Momma doesn't come out on the porch and invite you in for a plate first.

Lucky for us all, lots of Big Mommas and Poppas in the N.O. have expanded their kitchen tables from wooden food altars crammed in hot, sweaty kitchens to full-fledged diners and restaurants peppering historic NOLA neighborhoods with additional flavor and serving entire communities with love and laughter.

And, what's more, these plates come piled high for prices that make it possible to come back tomorrow for seconds!

So this blog is my ode to local neighborhood restaurants and the people that make them what they are -  my homes away from home.

Come get a plate!